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Residential Tile & Grout services in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties

Our company has been servicing the residential and commercial communities of Broward County and surrounding areas since 2002. Over the years, we have seen it all and have successfully restored each condition to a "brand- new-look" every time.

Color Sealing will resolve & enhance the following issues:

  • Permanently color seal the grout – this will stop the soil from continuing to absorb into the grout and discolor and stain it. No one likes to walk on soiled floors!
  • With over 135 custom colors, GB color matches your grout to complement your tile color and create a "marble-like look" appearance in your home.
  • With Free estimates we will show you exactly what the overall floor will look like on a smaller scale in real time. Say goodbye to the checkerboard look (no more dirt) and hello to a "sea of tile."
  • The end result in your tile restoration can be maintained for years with regular cleaning.

Our experts are trained professionals who will evaluate the condition of your tile and grout and select the PERFECT color to enhance your flooring, a brand new look and feel.

Grout Beautiful's Process for Applying Color Seal

  • We personally mop, brush, machine scrub and use a process that emulsifies the grout. This allows us to clean the surface soil off the tile and grout lines.
  • Our upright vacuum system removes all moisture and soil from the floor and then we further dry the flooring with our air blowers.
  • Our expert technicians then apply the color seal by hand to each of the grout lines. This effectively eliminates any future absorption of soil into the grout.
  • We apply a minimum of two coats of color seal and, if necessary, a third coat at no additional charge. This ensures a perfect color match with your tile and creates color consistency throughout your home.
  • The "marble-like look" we have achieved in your tile restoration can be maintained for years with regular household cleaning, using a neutral PH cleaning product.
A living room with white walls and furniture.

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