A bathroom with a tub and two windows.

Discover Our Additional Regrouting Options

When unsanded grout in any area of your home is unsightly or discolored, it can be restored to a "new look" by regrouting the grout lines. We remove the existing surface of each grout line and replace it with new grout, so you end up with an area that has that "new look" again. We also replace all existing caulking. Unsanded grout is typically found in bathrooms, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and marble services.

Mexican Tile and Marble Services

Our cleaning process involves applying heavy-duty cleaning solution and then scrubbing the floors with nylon hand scrubbers. Our Mexican tile cleaning solution breaks down the top layer of sealer, allowing us to clean the ground of dirt, scuff marks, and scratches from the tile. This process is done by hand. Most terracotta tiles are relatively soft, so floor machines may wear through the surface of the tiles, grooving the clay. By chemically cleaning a floor by hand, each tile can be scrubbed according to what it needs.

After a floor is spotless, we properly seal the floor, providing top-notch grout services.

This is an essential process as it will protect the floor while enhancing the clay's natural colors. The amount of sealer applied depends on the level of shine desired and the type of sealer used. We generally apply 3–5 coats of sealer. This is usually enough to keep your floor looking beautiful for years to come.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and tile floors.
A large room with white tile floors and walls.

Marble Services

We bring Marble and Natural Stone back to their original look by refinishing, honing & sealing. We specialize in refinishing Saturnia, Travertine, and Limestone custom finishes. Renew your Bathroom Marble vanities and shower walls and all your Granite countertops.

Maintenance Cleanings

Want a touch up for a fraction of the cost? We provide maintenance cleanings upon request. Most appreciate a touch up every 6 months to a year to refresh your floors. We can schedule routine cleanings to take the stress away from you and maintain a beautiful look with just a touch of our service.

A large mirror in the middle of a room.

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