Frequently Asked Questions

The soil has penetrated the grout, and cleaning would only remove the surface soil, not the soil that has penetrated the grout. The discoloration in the grout would return to the surface in a very short period.

Absolutely Free! We at GB firmly believe we need to understand your needs and your floors before providing any type of service.

The color seal dries to the touch after we buff your floors and can be walked on immediately. It takes 24 hours to cure before it can be wet-mopped.

With standard household cleaning, the color seal remains extremely strong and resistant to most spills, like red wine.

The color seal seals the grout so that soil will not penetrate but stay on the surface, allowing for easy cleaning. It enhances the appearance of your entire home or business, looks great, and creates that "new look" for your floors.

We guarantee color seal for ten years on residential and three years on commercial applications. The color seal will last indefinitely if you maintain your floors using the appropriate cleaner.